Sort of like their summer-league team in yesterday’s 96-77 come-from-18-points-ahead loss to the Indiana entry, the Celtics’ front office has been making a lot of moves. For a number of reasons, however, finishing is a problem.

The club is still trying to land its most desired prize, Kevin Love, but according to two NBA sources, the Celts and Timberwolves have not spoken in more than a week. What was reported here before the draft when what little discussion there was between the teams broke down is still the case: the only way the talks get revived is if Minnesota changes its stance on what it will accept for Love, or if the Wolves believe the Celtics can get them the players they want in a separate deal.

Beyond that, at least as of yesterday, all points connecting the two sides were moot.

“Minnesota didn’t want anything Boston had two weeks ago, and it’s crazy to think that’s changed this fast,” said one league source. “They may change their mind at some point, but I still think that’s going to take some time.”

What hasn’t changed is that the Celts are still looking for ways to swing a major trade that will get them back into the playoff picture sooner than their current track would suggest. (And, no, according to a source connected with the marketplace, they have not contacted free agent Lance Stephenson or his representative.)

One of the reasons the Celtics are said to want to acquire a high-profile player now is that it would keep them from having to take Rajon Rondo to the market. There are certainly teams around the league that covet the All-Star point guard, but three general managers said yesterday the Celts would struggle to get full value for Rondo at this time.

But while the first order of business for the Celtics is to find a star to pair with Rondo, the present situation indicates that if they did have to look more seriously into another home for the 2015 free agent, they will wait into next season to do so.

President of basketball operations Danny Ainge wouldn’t speak to any of the specific matters yesterday, but he acknowledged the fact he is still trying to get involved in something that could quicken the Celts’ rebuilding pace.

“You always have to explore,” Ainge said. “I mean, that’s my job. We’re trying to put the best product on the floor, and we’re trying to win championships. You can’t ever sit still, but at the same time you can’t force things to happen either.

“I’m just trying to do good deals,” he added. “So if there’s something good for us to get us better sooner — that is certain it’ll make us better — we’ll do it. We’re open for discussion. But I’m not forcing anything.”