Pretty much everyone is kicking the tires on Dwight Howard right now. The Warriors were not on Howard' reported "list" but that didn't stop them from lining up a meeting with the big fella on Monday. The Boston Globe spoke wth Celtics GM Danny Ainge who said that he did what all these GMs are doing. Reaching out to see if there's a chance.

If Howard wanted to come to Boston, he would say so, and then the Celtics and Lakers could work out a trade. Wouldn't have taken long, probably. Boston's been reportedly chasing Howard for years, but the All-Star center was just never interested in donning the green. It's a shame, because with Rajon Rondo and Boston's pull as a free agent destination (despite not having warm weather or being a market on par with LA or New York) could have extended the Celtics' run of title contention.

The Celtics are headed in a different direction, though, after the trade of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. They're trying to clear space for young assets. Though Ainge is very careful about the "t-word."