The Baltimore Ravens know how hard it is to repeat as Super Bowl Champions. One of the biggest reasons is the NFL salary cap, which limits the champs abilities to re-sign their free agents, who now can add that one valuable line to their football resume: "Super Bowl Champion."

Inside linebacker Dannell Ellerbe was one of the brightest stars on the Ravens defense this year and the difference between how well the unit did with versus without him was as much, if not more evident, than when Ray Lewis was or was not in the lineup. According to a story on Giants 101, Ellerbe might be a great fit to target once free agency begins.

Ellerbe finished 2nd on the team in tackles, despite missing three regular season games. The 27 year old, with four seasons under his belt, has proven he should be re-signed by the team and become the next great Ravens undrafted linebacker. Ellerbe was sharing time with fellow undrafted LB Jameel McClain before McClain's season was cut short and he was placed on IR, opening a full-time position for Dannell, which he definitely took advantage of the opportunity.