John Danks plans to start throwing breaking pitches in the next step in his recovery from left shoulder surgery, and he wants to increase his pitch count.

But the White Sox remain cautious about Danks' rehab, as he revealed trainer Herm Schneider and pitching coach Don Cooper each has prevented him from increasing his volume.

"I felt like I was getting through it too easy," said Danks, who had a capsular tear repaired and minor debris of his rotator cuff and biceps cleaned up. "They want me to stay where I'm at. That makes feel good things about things. I feel I can go a little more … but I'm where they want me to be."

Danks currently is throwing 50 pitches off a mound three times a week and hasn't experienced any setbacks. He plans to be ready for spring training on Feb. 12.

"I'm pushing it as far as I can go now," Danks said. "I'm not cutting it loose. It's enough to make me feel pretty good where it's at."