Like fellow Vancouver Canuck forward Ryan Kesler Daniel Sedin is held to the high standard he reached in 2010-11 when he scored 41 goals and had 104 points.

And just like Kesler Daniel insists his best years are not behind him and hopes to prove it by adopting more of a shoot-first mentality this season.

“It has been a disappointment the last two years in that department and I think I need to score” Daniel said after Sunday’s scrimmage at Rogers Arena. “Especially on our line I am the goal-scorer. It’s up to me to get better.”

In last season’s abbreviated campaign Daniel had just 12 goals in 47 games. The year before Daniel had 30 goals.

In other words he is trending in the wrong direction and when you are a player about to turn 33 people begin to wonder.

But Daniel was adamant Sunday that he can return to past form.

“I have always been a goal scorer” he said. “I don’t maybe have the great shot that Kes has but I think I am pretty good at getting in positions to score and work to get to those rebounds and that hasn’t been there the last two years and that has been disappointing.”

And don’t try suggesting to Daniel that the lockout-shortened 2012-13 season doesn’t really count.

“I was disappointed with last season” he said. “That wasn’t good enough and anyone that says last season goes out the window I think they’re wrong. For me any game you play is an important game. It’s disappointing but I know I can score more. I scored 40 once and I would like to be up there again. I still feel like I can produce a lot more than I have the last two years.”

For Daniel it all comes down to percentages. He feels if he gets the right number of shots on goal the goals will come.

“For me if I can get three-and-a-half to four shots a game my shooting percentage is usually around 13 or 14 per cent” he said. “That is going to put me right there goal-wise. That is key for me to think shot and if I can get three or four it’s going to become some goals I think.”