The suggestion that a normal 41-year-old would appreciate a little R&R during the dog days of a long, cold NHL winter made Gustav Nyquist laugh.

"No, not Alfie. Not Alfie, for sure," the winger said of his teammate with both the Detroit Red Wings and Swedish national squad after a morning skate at the Bell Centre Wednesday. "It's amazing. Not many people can say they've been to five Olympics as a hockey player.

"He gives a team so much energy with his jump, he always gives his best effort ... he's a really good person," Nyquist added. "You learn a lot from a guy like that. You look up to him as a human being. And obviously on the ice, he's very good still, at a pretty late age. He feels like a 22-year-old out there."

Yeah, but even 22 year olds relished time off during the break. Daniel Alfredsson, who on Thursday makes his second return to Canadian Tire Centre since leaving the Senators as a free agent in the off-season, actually figures he'll flourish without one.

"I think it's all individual, from player-to-player," Alfredsson said after the practice, which included his usual game of keepaway and was followed by a meeting with his Swedish agent's son's midget team. "I think I'll benefit from playing during the break. Being such a positive experience, it's going to help me. I don't think it's going to affect my play that I went."

Naturally disappointed in losing out on a gold medal to the Canadians, Alfredsson did prove he still has plenty in the tank. In Sochi, he was one of Sweden's best players, with two goals and two assists in six games.