The Seahawks have hired back former defensive line coach Dan Quinn as their new defensive coordinator, replacing Gus Bradley, who was named the Head Coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars this morning. Quinn has coached defensive line for the 49ers ('03-04), Dolphins ('05-06), Jets ('07-08), and Seahawks ('09-10), and spent the last two years at Florida as their defensive coordinator/defensive line coach. Obviously, Quinn knows the defensive line, and with the issues that Seattle had with their pass rush and run defense this season, this is an exciting hire.

Quinn worked with Pete Carroll closely in 2010 to create this odd-front 4-3 with the Elephant/LEO end, developed by Bill McPherson when Carroll was with the Niners back in '95-96. "We mixed the concepts of one-gap football and two-gap football in a very unique way in San Francisco," Said Carroll, on that process, harkening back to 1995-1996. "And we played great defense."

Carroll tucked many of those concepts away while he was at USC, but with Dan Quinn, he revived them once he returned to the NFL. "We made some scheme adjustments to the style that was here in years past, and really the style that I've been playing in college, and I flipped it all the way back to when I was at San Francisco," Carroll explained, back in 2010. "[That] was the last time we've played this formula of defense."

"Danny Quinn [had] a big role in that because of his crossover to the days when he was at San Francisco. We were both affected by a guy there - Bill McPherson, a coach that was there for us. And Mac taught us some stuff. Now we brought the expertise to at least be able to explore it." Carroll, working with Quinn, found that moving Red Bryant to defensive end was a better fit, and also helped him to identify Chris Clemons as a target for their LEO position. Both of these moves helped the Seahawks to achieve some of the things they wanted to, modeled after that old San Francisco defense.