Dan Le Batard has become very well-versed on all things LeBron James over the past four years. And if you believe his take on the way LeBron left Miami to return to Cleveland, it sounds like LeBron’s people gave the Heat the runaround.

During an interview with Dan Patrick on Monday, Le Batard referred to LeBron’s decision to return to the Cavs as “masterstroke as a PR move.” He insists James made the switch more for PR than basketball reasons and even argued that LeBron’s people gave the Heat the impression the forward was staying.
Here are Le Batard’s thoughts on when LeBron made up his mind:

“Oh, it was before the end,” he told Patrick, as transcribed by The Big Lead. “I don’t think he does what he did — I don’t think he does that again to Cleveland, you know what I mean? — allows 10 days of hope, where he crushes Cleveland again. I think he knew before this. The Miami Heat have taken the high road on this, but it’s why they were behaving like a team that was going to get him — because they were misled by his guys.