Dan Haren breezed through the first two innings today against the Houston Astros. He dealt an onslaught of sinkers and cutters, striking out two and not allowing one ball out of the infield. In the third inning, the Astros managed two singles and a walk for a run. In sum, the performance enabled Haren to drop an all-time spring training quote afterward.

“In spring training, if you do good, you feel great. If you do bad, you’re just working on stuff,” Haren said. “I was just working on things in the third inning, you know.”

Haren fired 50 pitches over his three innings, dominating for the first two frames and finding items to tweak in the third. Haren mixed in a curveball and two or three split-fingered fastballs in the third inning, and he plans in his next start to focus on the split. He allowed a single to left-handed hitter Carlos Corporan on a two-strike splitter, “which just can’t happen,” Haren said – he had left the pitch too high zone rather than making Corporan chase it low.