Damien Brunner wants to remain in Detroit, and he wants to be around for several years.

That’s about how far the Red Wings have gotten in their negotiations with Brunner, who is eligible to become an unrestricted free agent July 5.

Brunner’s agent, Neil Sheehy, told the Free Press on Tuesday that Brunner “will sign longer than one year.”

Sheehy also emphasized that Brunner “loves Detroit.”

Brunner is 27, usually an age when a player has a bit of NHL history to carry into negotiations. Brunner, however, played in his native Switzerland until last winter, when he joined the Wings as they began a lockout-shortened season.

He scored 12 goals in 44 games; not a bad output, but a little tarnished by the fact 10 goals came in the first 19 games. Brunner did rebound from a quiet second half to lead the Wings with five goals in the playoffs, a strong demonstration of his ability to contribute when most needed.

His inaugural season with the Wings left a favorable impression upon Brunner, too, and a deal could be worked out within a week, maybe at Sunday’s draft.

“We’ve had discussions,” Sheehy said. “We’re scheduled to talk again in New Jersey this weekend.”

Negotiations always come down to money, and here’s what both sides are trying to figure out: Who is Brunner? Mr. Consistent Goal Scorer, or Mr. Hot and Cold?

“Those are always issues,” Sheehy said. “If you have a long track record, it makes it easier. Nonetheless, he’s a good player. We’ll see where talks go.”