On the day the Titans reported for training camp I talked to receiver Damian Williams about his training regiment during the offseason.

The group included working out with several Olympic sprinters in Dallas including Wallace Spearmon Doc Patton Bianca Knight and even Usain Bolt.

Williams heading into his fourth NFL season thought it would make him faster on the football field.

He can tell a difference in training camp he said.

“When you get into running deeper routes you can start to open your stride a little more’’ he said. “I am definitely faster than I’ve ever been.”

Is he Olympic speed? Well he’s not at that point.

Williams who grew up with Wallace said he went through an exhausting workout with the athletes. They worked on flexibility and endurance and also ran sprints.

“I don’t think I even finished a workout the first week not one workout. It was that hard’’ he said. “By the third week I was feeling better but those guys are ridiculously fast. … Coach tells you to go the speed of light plus 10 percent. I don’t have that they do.”

Williams especially enjoyed meeting Bolt who was there for a day. The Jamaican sprinter is widely considered the fastest human ever.

“You kind of expect guys like that to be Hollywood they are celebrities’’ he said of Bolt. “But he is a real down to earth guy very cool.”