There have been all kinds of remarkable numbers that Damian Lillard has put up this season on his way to winning (barring a Black Sox-level scandal) the NBA's Rookie of the Year award.

Here's one you might have overlooked amidst the scoring and three-point shooting: total minutes.

As a statistic, minutes are usually measured on a per-game basis. Chicago's Luol Deng, for example, is considered the league leader in minutes at 39.1 per game.

But by playing 40 minutes in last night's loss to Memphis, Lillard took over the league lead in the other minutes category: total minutes. Lillard is at 2,889 minutes for the season, and he passed Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant (2,856) into the top spot Wednesday.

Because the season is so long and so physically demanding, total minutes is far more of an accomplishment than an average. We'll note here that Durant has played 74 games to Lillard's 75, but OKC also is a playoff-bound team, and you would have to guess that Durant might see some rest down the stretch.

On the other hand, there's a very good chance, based on what we've gathered, that Lillard will play all 82 games.

If he does, and he continues at his average of 38.5 minutes per game, Lillard would finish with 3,158 minutes. That's an extraordinary numbers of minutes of a rookie -- or any player, for that matter.