Houston Rockets' guard Patrick Beverley seemingly has two jobs on the court: Be a pest on defense and help the team win. He's pretty good at making both happen. While he doesn't draw the attention of a Dwight Howard, James Harden, or Chandler Parsons, the team is significantly better on both offense and defense when Beverley is on the floor. And defensively, he's as annoying as they come for opponents.

His latest job of getting under someone's skin was Sunday against the Portland Trail Blazers. After chasing down a pass and knocking it out of bounds, he was pleading for the officials to review the call. The Rockets were down two with under 15 seconds left in the fourth quarter and they were desperate to stage this comeback. As Beverley pleaded with the refs, he also put his hand on the chest of Damian Lillard. Lillard didn't see the need for the contact by Beverley and pushed his hand away.