Much of the fanfare that existed before the start of the season has now faded. The Dallas Stars are struggling to put the puck in the net while dealing with roster and line combination fluctuations as well as the continued search for chemistry on a team that is desperately attempting to find out just what what sort of hockey team they want to be. While there are signs of a bright future ahead, the current struggles on the ice have paled nearly all optimistic or hopeful talk of the future -- at least for now.

At the heart of this sits Jamie Benn, the newly-minted cornerstone of the Dallas Stars franchise who missed five games while negotiating a new five-year contract worth $26.5 million and returned to the ice expected to be a returning hero. In four games since his return, Benn has just one assist and is a minus-2, getting increased time on the power play and penalty kill while playing nearly 21 minutes per game since his return.

There's no doubt that Benn now faces pressure unlike any he experienced in his first three NHL seasons, before he became the second-highest paid player and before he was officially made the "face of the franchise now and forever" as the cornerstone around which this team will be built.