Let's face it: Brenden Morrow is not the same player he once was and he will never be again. This is Morrow's 13th season in the NHL, all with the Dallas Stars, and he has made his living as a player willing and able of getting to the front of the net, playing hard along the boards and generally being a physical presence with a nose for the puck around the net.

For much of his career Morrow was considered one of the more respected leaders in the NHL, especially through example on the ice, and it could be said that his greatest moments came during the 2008 playoffs when he nearly drug the Stars to the Cup finals on his back alone.

Yet the wear and tear of his style has had some negative and lasting effects. A torn ACL, suffered just 18 games into 2008-2009 season, set him back nearly two years before enjoying a career-high 33 goals in 2010-2011 in a season that appeared to signal the return of the Morrow of old. Back and neck injuries, likely ones that will plague him for most of his life at this point, then slowed him down to the point where he completely lost all effectiveness on the ice in a system that appeared to be passing him by.