The Denver Nuggets shot 39.3 percent Thursday night. The Mavericks committed just 10 turnovers. They got more than half of their points, 48, from their bench.

And yet, the Mavericks couldn’t find a way to win at the Pepsi Center, which is a common problem this season for everybody in the NBA.

The Mavericks had a golden chance to be the fourth team to win on the Nuggets’ home floor. Like everything else this season, it turned to garbage in a hurry.

“From sugar to …,” said Shawn Marion, summing up the feeling in the locker room. He finished the thought with an expletive that at the moment was very fitting.

“We had our chances to win this game,” he said. “We stopped making the extra pass. We stopped doing that and it went (south).

The Mavericks gave up a way-too-easy layup to Andre Iguodala with 2.8 seconds to play when he split the Mavericks’ defense and nobody closed to contest the shot. Dirk Nowitzki and Vince Carter were there, but nobody protected the rim.

The Nuggets are 34-3 at home this season. The Mavericks fell to 36-39 going into Friday’s game at Sacramento.

As Brandan Wright said: “You got to win that game. This is probably the worst loss we’ve had all year. They haven’t lost a game here in a long time, January, I think. And we had it. We just fumbled it away.”