That Mavericks keep saying that if they continue giving themselves legitimate chances to win tough games against good teams, they'll eventually break through.

That's getting tougher to believe in, especially when tough breaks keep going against them and their exasperation level continues to rise.

One game after the NBA admitted to an officiating mistake that probably cost the Mavericks the game in Portland, another tough whistle by the refs opened the door for Golden State to collect a 100-97 victory Thursday night at Oracle Arena.

Golden State got a clutch blocked shot by Andrew Bogut on Brandan Wright with 6.2 seconds to play to add to the Mavericks' ever-increasing frustration level.

Or, as anybody looking at the television replays could have suggested, maybe it wasn't a block, but a hack on Wright's arm.

Coach Rick Carlisle went with the second opinion.

"The game came down to the call that wasn't made," Carlisle said. "Brandan Wright got hit on the arm. And it's obvious. And it's two nights (games) in a row. It's very tough to take with as hard as our guys are fighting to not be on the free-throw line with a chance to go ahead with 6 seconds left in the game.

"Those plays were O.J. Mayo getting the ball and making something happen, either getting a shot or getting the ball moved to the right guys. And it went pass-pass, and Brandan got the ball and got hit right across the left arm. I'm disappointed. And I'm very concerned about what's happening at the end of games with the officials. I can only be honest."

The Mavericks were without Dirk Nowitzki, but in the end, they gave themselves an excellent chance to win in a game that they never led in.