Continuity is something the Edmonton Oilers haven’t had when it comes to head coaches.

Dallas Eakins is the team’s fifth coach in their last six years.

On Wednesday, Eakins admitted the coaching carousel is possibly a factor in the team’s current plight.

“All the coaches before me, I think they were working as hard as they could, and they were instilling beliefs that they believed in and they were coaching the group that they had to try and get results,” Eakins said. “We all see the game differently. Some things that are very important to one coach, aren’t very important to another. Some guys are stringent with their systems and others are a little bit looser.

“But one thing that has come up numerous times with players, individually talking to them, is that last year they were doing things, this way. They keep referring to previous years, and for me, the previous years mean nothing. All that matters to me is this year and what we’re doing going forward to building a program.”

Eakins came in this year attempting to install new systems that he hoped would be the foundation of a winning team.

Things haven’t worked out as hoped and he knows the clock could be ticking on his tenure.