Add Dez Bryant and Brandon Carr to the growing list of players against the NFL’s new crown-of-the-helmet rule.

The rule, which was approved at last week’s owner’s meetings, makes it a 15-yard penalty to deliver a blow with the crown of your helmet if a player is more than three yards outside of the tackle box. If the ball carrier and the tackler both lower the crowns of their helmest, they both are penalized.

“Truth be told, I’m not trying to run nobody over,” Bryant said, speaking after Saturday’s “Men Against Abuse” rally. “I’m really just trying to make them miss, trying to score every time I touch the ball. But they keep making these rules, people aren’t going to want to watch football any more. I don’t think that rule is going to last long. There’s going to be so many penalties in this league. Too many guys getting fined. It’s hard for somebody to pay attention to trying to not to use their helmet.”