Here's something I bet you don't know, can't remember, or ever cared to learn about Carlos Boozer. He's a second round draft pick. That's right. The two-time All-Star was selected by Cleveland with the 34th overall pick in 2002, entering the league from Duke without a guaranteed roster spot.

He was an underdog.

Why is this worth mentioning? Well, as you're probably more than aware, Boozer has spent the majority of his career as a slowly-balding, lowly-respected punch line, first tagged with the "overrated" label while running a poorer man's pick-and-role with a then boundless Deron Williams in Utah.

His splintered public portrayal dates back to a shady contract-related dilly dally that can basically be summed up like this: After his second professional season, Boozer agreed to sign a six-year, $39 million deal with Cleveland once they released him from the final year of his rookie deal. After he was granted his release, Boozer then negotiated a six-year, $70 million deal with Utah behind Cleveland's back. Cleveland chose not to match, Boozer went to the Jazz, and his image was devastatingly altered. (It turns out being greedy isn't so cool after all.)