The last time Jay Cutler tossed three or more interceptions in a game (Sept. 13 2012) the Chicago Bears ran off a string of six consecutive wins.

Prior to that he threw four picks in a 2010 loss to Washington with the Bears running off five straight starting the next week to win the division and advance to the NFC Championship. So naturally with Cutler coming off a three-interception (four total turnovers) nightmare in last week’s loss to the Detroit Lions the assumption is the Chicago Bears could be on the verge of something big starting with Sunday’s game against the New Orleans Saints.

Cutler certainly hopes so.

“I hope you’re right. It’s gonna happen” Cutler said. “What you don’t want to see is three turnovers three turnovers three turnovers consecutive weeks like that. If you can minimize those you’re going to be in a better place obviously.”

The staff hasn’t lost faith in Cutler’s ability to get the Bears there.

“There were three good performances (to start the season) and one as we said he would want back” Bears coach Marc Trestman said. “But he’s been unflappable in practice. I just think it’s the unflappability and the emotional stability of just being able to move on to the next play and isolating that play as the only one that really is important and then forgetting about it and moving on.”

But Cutler hasn’t yet caught amnesia regarding the performance at Detroit last week one in which he completed 57.4 of his passes for a passer rating of 65.6. Cutler admitted that feelings of accountability for what transpired against the Lions have affected his preparation for the Saints in a way that gives him the mentality that he must “take care of the ball” because “we can’t give them free opportunities.”

“Sometimes it’s hard to walk back into that locker room and know that ‘Hey I was responsible for four turnovers’ and you put your team in that position” Cutler said. “It makes you feel bad because I thought the defense played their butts off. Offensive line did a great job. It just brings everything into perspective of how it important it is; how important my job is of taking care of the ball and making sure I put ourselves in a position to win each week.”