Only five batters into the second exhibition game of the spring and suddenly all the fear and trepidation of this forthcoming Yankee season was realized: Bronx Bombers to Bronx Bummers.
As Curtis Granderson trotted down to first base in the first inning of Sunday’s Steinbrenner Field opener against the Blue Jays, rubbing his right forearm that had just been hit by a J.A. Happ fastball, the Yankee high command, already holding its breath over a breakdown by any of the many over-38 geezers they’re counting on to play critical roles for them this year, braced for the worst.
A short while later the brass got it: The forearm was broken, Granderson will be out a minimum of 10 weeks and now you can add 43 more homers to the combined 112 from Nick Swisher, Alex Rodriguez, Raul Ibanez, Russell Martin, Eric Chavez and Andruw Jones from last year that were already subtracted over the winter.
You’re now looking at a team that could be hard-pressed to hit 150 homers and, as an ominous point of reference, the last time the Yankees hit under 150 in an uninterrupted full season was during the doldrums years, 1988-91.

“We might have to score runs in a little different way,” Joe Girardi understated.
A grim-faced Brian Cashman admitted it was back to the drawing board involving the experiment of moving Granderson from center to left and finding a productive outfield bat. It’s unclear if Alfonso Soriano, who recently said he’d be willing to waive his no-trade rights with the Cubs, might now be an option. Soriano has $36 million remaining on his contract but the Cubs have reportedly indicated they would eat $26 million of that for the right prospect or prospects.

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