A rain delay with no precipitation is like a batting order with no bats.

The Yankees were right at home Wednesday.

Two hours after the scheduled Game 4 start, still not one drop of rain had fallen upon Comerica Park. Considering the scarcity of runs in this series, MLB probably could have played a minimum of six innings before the anticipated downpour shut down action.

But MLB erred on the side of fear.

"I don't have any Tarot cards, so you'll have to ask the commissioner," said Tigers DH Delmon Young, when asked if he thought MLB acted to avoid a repeat of last year's American League Division Series opener between these same teams. Heavy rain approached Yankee Stadium then, but they started the game before postponing it barely two innings in. And worse, the decision needlessly burned starts for Justin Verlander and CC Sabathia.

The Game 4 postponement offered a stay of execution for the Yankees.

But it's doubtful that an impromptu off night can resuscitate a moribund offense. If anything, the lack of a game only furthered the examination of the Yankees' difficulties as they directly relate to the Tigers.

The Tigers aren't only beating them in this series: They're also beating them in the big trade three years ago.

The Tigers traded Curtis Granderson to the Yankees and Edwin Jackson to Arizona. They got Austin Jackson and Phil Coke from New York and Max Scherzer from Arizona. The Yankees sent pitcher Ian Kennedy to the Diamondbacks.