As students at Brooklyn's Abraham Lincoln High School crowded around Curtis Granderson Monday for a group photo, one cracked, "Watch his hand!" a reference to Granderson's fractured right forearm. There's one in every crowd.
Even on a nice morning of giving back and celebrating Jackie Robinson, Granderson's injury is an inescapable topic and it, like the injuries of several other Yankees, looms over the young season. And Granderson's broken forearm looms over his own career, too - the Yankee center fielder acknowledged that his upcoming free agency makes it hard to be patient as he heals.

"At the same time," Granderson added, "I understand what it is. It's a broken bone where once it heals, we're good to go and then it's a matter of rebuilding everything back. When the day comes to get back out there, I'll go out there and keep trying to help the team win. Once you do that, everything else will take care of itself."
Granderson was at the Coney Island school to host a Jackie Robinson Tribute and his Grand Kids Foundation made a donation to help improve Lincoln's outdoor athletic fields, which were damaged by Hurricane Sandy. He led students in the Pledge of Allegiance over the school's loudspeaker, answered kids' questions and introduced a physical fitness challenge. He talked about how Robinson opened doors not just for black players, but for Latin players as well. Afterward, he took a group of kids to a screening of the Robinson biopic, "42."