Folks, I hope you’re sitting down: The 49ers have a 4.34 percent chance of winning the Super Bowl next season.

Please, don’t kill the messenger in the comment section provided below. It’s not my opinion. It’s what history tells us.

Of the first 46 Super Bowl losers, two won the big game the next season. The last team to do it: the 1972 Miami Dolphins. So, yes, the 49ers will enter the 2013 season looking to break a 41-year drought.

I know what you’re thinking: Those 46 other losers weren’t loaded like these 49ers.

Well, the 2007 Patriots (18-1) were kind of good. The moral of their fail-to-win-it-all-the-next year story? Don’t have your franchise quarterback shred his knee in Week 1.

Like those Tom-Brady-less Patriots, other recent Super Bowl losers have had their quarterback sustain significant injuries the next season. That list includes:

* The 2004 Eagles (13-3), who played without Donovan McNabb for seven games in ’05.

* The 2002 Raiders (11-5), who didn’t have Rich Gannon for nine games in 2003.

* The 2001 Rams (14-2), who didn’t have Kurt Warner for 10 starts in 2002.