Sometimes a player's performance doesn't quite sink in until a little bit after. Which is what Stephen Curry's game against Dallas just did.

The boxscore will say Curry had 31 points – on 9-for-21 from the field, including 3-for-7 from 3-point range – and nine assists in 43 minutes in the Warriors' 105-101 overtime win against the Mavericks. And that's certainly a nice game.

But it doesn't really capture the impact Curry had on the game. Curry's had big games before, but he's never had one like this – where he took over a game late and brought home a win for the Warriors.

In short, it was the best game of Curry's NBA career. How could it not be?

Of the Warriors' 15 overtime points, Curry had a hand in 13 of them. He had six points and three assists in overtime, including a spoon-feed to David Lee with 31 seconds left, which put the Warriors up two and was the game's biggest basket.

The only two points he wasn't in on were two meaningless free throws inside of 10 seconds. Other than that, here's how Curry's overtime basically went: bucket, assist, assist, two foul shots, assist, two foul shots.