Air pumps prominently have been displayed in the Buffalo Bills' official team store. There's no mistaking how Buffalo feels about its division foe coming to town Sunday.

And according to coach Rex Ryan, there's no questioning how other teams feel about the New England Patriots, either. When asked Friday about an Indianapolis Colts player proclaiming he hopes the Bills win, Ryan gave a wry smirk.

"The whole league's hoping," he said, before casually strolling out of Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Safety Aaron Williams doubled down on Ryan's remark that the whole league is cheering for the Bills, particularly the Colts.

"I know they want us to win," he said with a laugh by his locker.

With the Bills brimming with confidence after a season-opening win against Indy, the city of Buffalo, which proudly touts its "Bills Mafia" fan base, has only intensified an already hyped-up divisional outing.