The Philadelphia Eagles went on a bit of a free agent spending spree before the 2011 season and now they're paying for it. Defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins has been released, according to SB Nation's Bleeding Green Nation. Jenkins was signed to a five-year deal in the great free agent spending spree of 2011 for the Eagles and now hits a free agent market where he could have some options.

This is an interesting free agent for the Kansas City Chiefs considering the ties Jenkins has to the current leadership.

Jenkins was an undrafted free agent for the Green Bay Packers after the 2003 NFL Draft. He spent seven years in Green Bay and the Packers liked him so much that in 2007 they gave him a contract extension. Of course all that was done by the Packers when John Dorsey was in their front office.

Jenkins left the Packers and signed with the Eagles in free agency before the 2011 season. He spent two seasons on the Eagles after signing a five-year deal with them. Of course all that was done when Andy Reid was running the Eagles.