Chicago Cubs fans continue to prove they can't get enough championship gear -- even the most expensive type.

Jostens started selling World Series champion jewelry, including rings, on April 12, and in the first full week of sales, it sold two times more title jewelry than it had for any other championship team, said Chris Poitras, who heads Jostens' college and sports division.

"The Cubs' championship story was a story that was like nothing else we've ever seen," Poitras said. "And the fans have reacted in a truly special way."

Most of the sales have come from rings, which start at $299 for silver metal and cubic zirconia stones and climb to $10,800 for a white gold ring with 144 diamonds, 55 sapphires and 13 rubies.

Poitras said the most common purchase is the $499 deluxe ring, which comes in 10-karat white gold or sterling silver.