Cubs closer Carlos Marmol isn’t going anywhere in the next few weeks, despite the latest breathless report this past week suggesting he’ll be traded before the season starts.

But that doesn’t mean the Cubs don’t have designs on moving him this summer once he presumably re-establishes some trade value and once Kyuji Fujikawa establishes himself in the big leagues.

Top team officials, who came within minutes of trading Marmol to the Los Angeles Angels in November, have told Marmol’s agent to expect it. And Marmol, who has limited no-trade rights, has provided the club with the five teams he’s willing to accept a trade to.

‘‘I don’t worry about that,’’ said Marmol, whose efforts to block out the uncertainty of his status with the Cubs aren’t reflected in any early spring command problems. ‘‘I just keep working here.

‘‘I can’t make the decision. The boss guy makes that decision. I can’t worry about that. The only thing I have to worry about is to be ready every time they give me the ball.’’

Marmol, who makes $9.8 million in the final year of his contract, is still working on that — specifically working on his slider the last time out — but with little to show so far, albeit in spring training.