The Cubs did indeed recently present star righthanded pitcher Jeff Samardzija with a new five-year contract offer.

However, the chances of Samardzija signing the new proposal amount to something akin to the outmanned, out-of-it Cubs winning the World Series this year. If the odds are slightly better than that, it isn't much.

The Cubs are said by sources familiar with the talks to have upped their previous bid of about $60 million for five years to a bigger number, also for five years, confirming the original Chicago Sun-Times report. The new offer isn't known but it's quite possibly something more in the range of $75-80 million but most definitely not in the vicinity of the $105 million guarantee Homer Bailey has with the Reds.

And even that probably wouldn't get it done, anyway.

Samardzija hasn't countered the Cubs' offer yet, he isn't obligated to counter it, and he may never counter it. As in the past, the sides appear to remain uncomfortably apart.

Considering his priorities, that shouldn't be surprising. From everything we've heard about Samardzija over his fairly short Cubs tenure, he values two things above all else. First and foremost is winning. And he's on the Cubs, so they are at an immense handicap to start, at least for the foreseeable future.

Second on Samardzija's short priority list is having the chance to be paid his true market value. To do that, normally one has to go on the market, which won't happen until he's a free agent after the 2015 season.

While the Cubs have increased their multiyear offers by eons from their first proposal, which was thought to have been somewhat comparable to Derek Holland's $28.5-million, five year deal (if a bit higher), and the exact new offer isn't known, either, the market for a No. 1 or even No. 2 pitcher who's on the right side of 30 is likely very high, much higher than most of us can imagine. Top-of-the-rotation starters don't often make it to market, but when they do, there is a feeding frenzy – see Zack Greinke -- which is probably why the small-market Reds gave Bailey that nine-figure guarantee.