Spring training is for all kinds of preparation for the regular season, for players, for broadcasters, for coaches... and for fans to get used to sitting in the cold that will be Opening Day in Chicago.

The weather Saturday would have actually been better than about 90 percent of Opening Days at Wrigley Field. It was 54 degrees at game time, with a couple of sprinkles that ended early; a hint of sun warmed the field for a couple of innings, but clouds came back and the wind picked up and it felt pretty cold by the time the game ended.

A typical April day in Chicago, right? Not so typical in the Phoenix area, where the average high for March 9 is 77 degrees. It was cold and breezy and though there was an announced attendance of 7,685, maybe 5,000 showed up to see the Cubs lose again, 9-2 to the Cleveland Indians.