Junior Lake got thrown out at third base to stunt a rally in the sixth inning Monday night but Chicago Cubs manager Dale Sveum supported his rookie outfielder's aggressiveness.

Lake tried to advance from first base to third on a single by Anthony Rizzo with one out in the sixth inning of a scoreless game that the Cubs would eventually lose 2-0 to Cincinnati. But center fielder Shin-Soo Choo made a strong accurate throw to nail Lake for the second out of the inning and Welington Castillo struck out for the final out of the inning.

"You can’t make a throw any better than that” Sveum said. “I got no problem with that aggressiveness (by Lake).”

Meanwhile David DeJesus made his first start in left field since Aug. 30 2012 but Sveum said he merely wanted to give Lake some time in center since the Cubs won't face a left-handed starter for at least another week.

Sveum also said it was too early to decide where Lake would end up.

"That’s the organization" Sveum said. "We don’t want time developing something in two years. (Albert) Almora might be here playing center field. That’s up to the organization.