Chicago Cubs president Theo Epstein managed to beat general manager Jed Hoyer in the bunting tournament bunt-off on Saturday, though he was knocked out in the second-round by 25-year-old director of Baseball Operations Scott Harris.

“I hired him,” Epstein said after his walk of shame.

Epstein was just glad to beat Hoyer, comparing his first-round victory to winning the Daytona 500.

“The most important match of the year is the first one, and the rest is coasting,” he said. “No, I’ve got to get better. I’m better than Jed, but that’s not saying much, though. I will say that Jed and I have a long history of playing pick-up basketball and other sports against one another, so that one felt good.”

The winner of the bunt-off was Nate Halm, the Cubs’ assistant video coordinator and advance scout. Halm was a last-minute addition to the bracket because one employee allegedly pulled out for religious reasons.

“Nate might get an invite to camp on a minor league contract,” Epstein said. “That was impressive.