A Monday deadline for the Chicago Cubs and the City of Chicago to reach a deal on a proposed $300 million renovation of 99-year-old Wrigley Field has come and gone with no settlement to the stalemate.

Sources on both sides told me late Monday evening that Mayor Rahm Emanuel believes enough progress was made that he has asked both sides to continue meeting Tuesday to try to bridge their differences. The Cubs are insistent that they not "have to jump through hoops" every time they want to do something to their ballpark, multiple sources on both sides of the discussion told me tonight.

A different source who is connected to the real estate industry in Chicago and does business in the Wrigleyville area told me tonight that he believes the Cubs are willing to address the police and parking concerns in and around the ballpark to the best of their ability. However, on the subject of signage in the ballpark he believes the Cubs are holding firm on their desire to maximize revenue by selling signage as well as a Jumbotron and that is one of the major sticking points in the negotiations.