It took a few seconds for owner Mark Cuban to compare the Dallas Mavericks not qualifying for the playoffs to any of his other business ventures.

“I guess it’s like a business going out of business, and I haven’t had many of those,” Cuban said. “Not a good feeling.”

And not a feeling Cuban wants to experience again.

“It motivates you to work harder, to get back in the gym so you can work harder,” Cuban said. “The difference is in other businesses you go out and sell something, you can try to control your own destiny and hustle and do better.

“Here, you’ve got 29 other teams trying to do the same [stuff] and beat you at it, so it’s harder. There’s no easy template for winning, and if there was, everybody would do it.”

The Mavericks (39-40) hope they have the template for beating the New Orleans Hornets (27-53), because the two teams face each other at 5 p.m. Sunday at the New Orleans Arena.