It's amazing how winning a couple games can change one's outlook.

A week ago, the Celtics were playing their way into front-runner status in the "Riggin for Wiggins" sweepstakes.

Today, they head to Miami with a two-game winning streak and maybe just as important, confidence that if they can keep the game close they can (gasp!) win.

A victory in South Beach is far-fetched and unlikely to happen, I know.

Still, at least the hope and optimism that the Celtics have now is based on their play and not prayers.

Down the stretch against Orlando, Boston made all the big shots, defensive stops and of course, a slew of hustle plays.

Brandon Bass impacting the game at both ends of the floor with blocked shots and buckets.

Kelly Olynyk.

Jordan Crawford.

Avery Bradley.

There were plenty of Celtics players whose contributions were not just noticeable, but absolutely essential to Boston getting the victory.

And because of that, they had every reason to celebrate on the short plane ride to Miami.

But Brad Stevens is doing his best to keep everything perspective.

That's part of his job; to keep his players grounded while preparing them for greater rewards down the road.