Once the Giants decide what their receiving corps is going to look like this year, they need to make an effort to get those people together with quarterback Eli Manning.

That’s the opinion of wideout Victor Cruz, who said there was a “disconnect” this year which might help explain the career-high 26 interceptions Manning has thrown.

“I think that’s the one thing we lacked, was kind of that continuity from a receiver standpoint with our quarterback,” Cruz said, via the Associated Press. “And I want to build that earlier this year, whether he have to set some time apart with the receivers and Eli whenever he’s ready and schedule it right so we can build not only on the field but off the field.”

Of course, Cruz had a hand in that himself, as his contract negotiations dragged on until July, and the uncertain future of teammate Hakeem Nicks kept him away as well.

There was a brief chance to connect when they went to Duke to work out alongside Eli’s brother and his wideouts, but Eli said then it was “not a substitute” for what they could have accomplished in OTAs.