The first time Sidney Crosby came to the Air Canada Centre as a Penguin back in 2005, he was sitting in the back of the team bus as it pulled up to the rink.

Moments after its arrival, the driver, thinking the players already had exited the vehicle on their way to the visitors dressing room, pulled out a garbage bag and began scooping up empty water bottles.

Little did he know there was still one Penguin on board, a kid who was helping clean up the bus by picking up some of the litter.

Not just any kid. Sid The Kid.

For Crosby, that must seem like a hundred years ago when it was just eight.

On Saturday night, Crosby returned to the scene of the crime. Or, in this case, “The Clean up.”

Sure, Sid the Kid has been back to the ACC since then, but not for a while. Not in more than three years, first because of concussion issues, then due to the lockout earlier this season.