2013 has been a year of many ups and very few downs for the Blackhawks, and much of that success has been credited to the team's ability to shake things off when a game doesn't go its way.

Following Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final, Corey Crawford's glove was a hot topic. After allowing five goals in the same slot, a good deal of criticism surrounded the Blackhawks' goaltender. But Crawford paid it no attention as he prepared for Game 5.

"I'm not really listening to [the criticism]," he said. "I have a job to do. Whatever is being said doesn't really affect what I'm going to do on the ice."

Crawford had no reason to listen to the naysayers; he knew what went wrong last game. He prepared for Game 5 like usual, shook off the frustrations and stopped 24 of 25 shots that came his way -- a much more manageable number compared to the 47 shots he faced Wednesday.

The Blackhawks' overall improvement on defense helped give Crawford the assistance he was often left without Wednesday. Overall he saw a much bigger improvement in every aspect of the team, not just in himself.

"I think it was a big effort by everyone to come back, play defensively, block shots, sacrifice our bodies to block those pucks and quickly get on to offense," Crawford said. "Another good game, I think, moving the puck, moving our feet and getting into the zone."

Coach Joel Quenneville was happy with his team's strong efforts following their 3-1 victory and said Crawford was "rock solid" throughout all 60 minutes.