The Phoenix Coyotes will be renamed for next season to the Arizona Coyotes but if we have learned anything from the Coyotes in the past few years, it's that nothing is ever easy, even a seemingly simple name change.

It turns out the name Arizona Coyotes is already trademarked in the state by Phoenix resident Tony Fioretto. He registers that and a couple of variations on the other team names in the Valley of the Sun hoping that one they would look to change names.

That day has arrived. From the Arizona Republic:

Fioretto said he registered names similar to Valley sports franchises as part of his plan to open a north Phoenix gym with basketball courts, an indoor golf facility and a baseball diamond.

"I did everything legally," he said. "These were things that were part of my master plan. [The names] had recognition."

Trademark-squatter doesn't quite have the same ring to it as cyber-squatter, but that's pretty much what Fioretto has done here. He doesn't seem to hide the fact that his whole goal here is to get paid off simply because he had the foresight to go register the name in case this ever happened.