Time to preserve their season is shrinking, but of greater concern for the Coyotes is the growing list of failed remedies for their losing streak.

They have stayed off the ice, using rest to regroup, and when that didn’t work, they practiced.

Captain Shane Doan held a private, players-only meeting and then gave an impassioned monologue to the media to further spark his teammates.

But after their sixth straight loss, the Coyotes are still searching for a cure.

“It’s frustrating,” coach Dave Tippett said. “Every day our staff, we look at everything — try to uncover every rock we can. We’ve tried different combinations. Ultimately, we’ve got to keep pounding away and hopefully it turns.”

One other option the Coyotes haven’t tried yet is a trade to shake up their roster. But if they don’t find a way to soak up points in each game on this three-game road trip, their playoff chances might expire before the trade deadline hits next Wednesday at noon Arizona time.

“This will be a tell-tale week for us,” Tippett said.

Not only is this slide the worst under Tippett, but if the Coyotes lose Wednesday in Minnesota, it’ll be their most futile stretch since they were winless in 15 straight from Feb. 21 through March 21, 2004, when they lost eight times in regulation, three in overtime and tied four games.

According to Sports Club Stats, a website that tracks teams’ chances of making the playoffs, the Coyotes’ odds of finishing in the top eight of the Western Conference went down from 14 percent to 6.6 percent after their 3-2 loss to the Detroit Red Wings Monday.

The Coyotes need to go 10-5-1 in their remaining 16 games to have a 20 percent chance of making it. With just one more point, if they finish 10-4-2, their chances double to nearly 40 percent. And if they secure one more point from that, recording 23 points out of a possible 32, the Coyotes have a 62 percent chance of a playoff berth.

“It’s not going to be easy,” goalie Jason LaBarbera said. “We’ve dug ourselves a nice little hole here. We have the guys here to do it. It’s just a matter of us actually going out and doing it. That’s the biggest thing. We just need to find a way to win a hockey game and feel good about ourselves.”