There were snickers and stifled giggles when Terry Collins said his message to the Mets before Monday's Opening Day game was "Let's Win." The team has been ridiculed all winter for its lack of an outfield and picked to be a contender to finish in last place in the National League East as they try the patience of their fans rebuilding the franchise.

Monday afternoon, it was the Mets manager who had the the first laugh.

The Mets pounded the Padres 11-2 at Citi Field to improve to 34-18 on Opening Days and 3-0 in this park.

"This is the major leagues, I am sorry I am not ever gonna sit there and say we're just gonna be the whippin boys for the rest of the league," Collins said. "That's not what's going to go on here. We have expectations here, part of them is when you are a major league player is to play right, play well.They didn't get here by just pulling names out of a hat to fill in for the next couple years.

"We'll see what happens here in the next three of weeks and if we need to make changes, we'll make changes," Collins continued. "Because there are expectations here."

At least on Opening Day, the Mets exceeded the expectations of those outside their clubhouse. Jon Niese, who became the Mets Opening Day starter by default when Johan Santana went down, dominated the the Padres and the outfield, which was mocked this offseason, contributed six runs. Undersized centerfielder Collin Cowgill hit the Mets’ first Opening Day grand slam since 1995.

Cowgill, who was in the lineup on Opening Day for the first time in his carrer, went 2-for-5 and scored two runs and had a career-high four RBI. Right fielder Marlon Byrd drove in two runs on two hits. Cowgill's first career grandslam was the first for the Mets on Opening Day since Todd Hundley did it in Colorado in 1995.