We got only a glimpse, but that glimpse left us wanting more. The size, the physicality, the instincts — they’re all so tantalizing.

So, why isn’t Quincy Wilson playing more for the Indianapolis Colts?

It’s a complex question, but one worth exploring as the team’s second-round draft pick looks for a way to carve out some playing time heading into the Colts’ Week 7 matchup with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Wilson has seen action in just two games this season, playing 17 snaps as a reserve in the team’s season opener against the Los Angeles Rams, then starting at right cornerback in Week 2 against the Arizona Cardinals.

He aggravated a knee injury against Arizona and was sidelined for two games, but Wilson has been healthy enough to play the past two weeks.

And, still, he hasn’t.

That’s bound to raise questions for a player drafted 46th overall. What's the deal here?

Coach Chuck Pagano offered this surprisingly honest answer when asked for an explanation.

“He’s got to stay healthy and then he’s got to produce,” Pagano said of Wilson. “He went out and played a good game (against Arizona) and got injured and missed time. Now, he’s trying to work his way back. He’s healthy now. He has to have a great week of practice on defense. He has to have a great week of practice on special teams. You’ve got to earn your way every single day and every single week. He’ll have another opportunity.”

That seems a not-so-subtle implication that the Colts want to see more production from Wilson in practice. Wilson’s health has steadily improved during the past two weeks, and he said this week “my knee feels a lot better.” So, there previously were some physical limitations even though Wilson was practicing.