We can debate all day whether or not the Dallas Cowboys are America's team but one thing's for sure: the Cowboys definitely aren't Liberia's team. And that's mainly because the electronic infrastructure of Liberia couldn't support Cowboys Stadium -- or as AT&T is paying millions of dollars to have it called now: AT&T Stadium.

On game day in Dallas Jerry-world can consume up to 10 megawatts of energy according to the Wall Street Journal. Liberia can't even pump a third of that power into its national grid.

Here's a little more information from the WSJ:

During moments of peak demand on game day the 80000-seat stadium may consume up to 10 megawatts of electricity Bernstein said. Liberia has the capacity to pump less than a third as much power into its national grid.

But with only eight games played at the stadium during regular season peak demand levels aren't reflective of how much electricity the stadium uses over an entire month or year. In other words Cowboys Stadium might use more electricity than [Liberia] for a few hours eight days out of the year but it stands empty for most of the rest of the remainder.