Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has always been quite vocal about his team and in this case their opponents.

During one stretch early on Giants defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins went down with an apparent injury. According to our good friend Mike Garafolo tight end Jason Witten was accusing Jenkins of faking the injury to slow the Cowboys' hurry-up offense down.

That sentiment carried into the Cowboys locker room after when Jones told Dallas reporters that he too thought the Giants were faking injuries throughout the night.

"It was so obvious it was funny" Jones said via ESPN Dallas.

At this point we think Jones was referring specifically to the Jenkins injury.

Dan Connor suffered a burner and did not return.

Prince Amukamara needed to be checked for a concussion and did not return.

Ryan Mundy returned to the game but not after a concussion evaluation.

Either way it's interesting to hear Jones call the Giants out on that one.