Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin has had injury problems throughout the past couple of years in the league. The past few years, it was a hamstring injury that slowed down the receiver and now the team is doing what they can to make sure he will be ready for the end of the season.

According to reports, Austin has been given days off during the team OTAs and minicamps in an effort to give him all of the rest he needs in order to be there when the team needs him most down the stretch.

Austin claims that he is healthy now, but the team wants to take every precautionary step possible.

“It’s one of those things where you can’t not do it and then do it and tell the difference,” Austin said, according to Carlos Mendez of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “But I feel good now.”

The time off for Austin may be frustrating but it is something that needs to happen to keep him fresh for the season.

“I want to go,” he added. “When coach says you can’t, you just kind of have to sit there and not go. But it’s tough for me, sometimes, just to watch the other guys going and not be out there, especially in this heat and knowing how it is to play wideout. You’re out there running. You get tired, and you want at least a few more bodies in there to take some of that load off.”