It's becoming a tired topic of discussion between the media and the coaches at Valley Ranch: red zone woes.

After two games the Cowboys have scored 27 points in the red zone tied for 20th in the NFL and despite a 50 percent touchdown efficiency rating it puts the Cowboys in a tie for 18th in the league. On third down plays the Cowboys have converted just 25 percent of their red zone plays the league average is 43.9 percent.

In Week 1 tight end Jason Witten caught two red zone touchdowns and last week Dez Bryant caught one but the Cowboys should have more touchdowns given the talent on the roster.

"We can always be better" coach Jason Garrett said. "We had a couple of chances in Kansas City we didn't cash in on we had a couple of chances in New York we didn't cash in on. That's just the nature of it. It's hard to score down there you got to keep working on again having some balance being able to run it and throw it and attack it a lot of different ways. We did have some minus plays whether it was a sack or penalty. That bogged us down a little bit and got us behind the chains. We got to make sure we rectify that. You want to play clean football."