Linebacker Anthony Spencer said there is no doubt that he will play against the New York Giants in the opener on Sept. 8.

But the odds of him playing in this pre-season appear increasingly slim.

Spencer underwent a scope on his left knee during the first full week of training camp. He said Sunday night he’s two or three weeks from being able to return.

The Cowboys final three pre-season games will be played over the next 18 days. The finale is Aug. 28 against Houston.

“I’m hoping I can do some stuff in the pre-season but if I can’t I can’t’’ Spencer said. “I’m just going to take my time getting healthy.’’

Spencer has been cleared to lift walk and do some work on the elliptical and stairmaster. He’s discouraged that he can’t run but he’s doing what the training staff tells him.

“I’m just focused on getting healthy’’ Spencer said.