Just in time, the Dallas Cowboys’ running game is showing signs of waking up.

The schedule has the Cowboys playing two outdoor games in December, with wind, ice, snow or rain all possible.

And as confident as Tony Romo and coach Jason Garrett are in the quarterback’s arm strength and his ability to send the ball cutting through the elements, the Cowboys know they will need to run the ball.

“It could be a game where you have to run it more because of the conditions,” Garrett said. “But you have to throw it and find ways to throw the ball. A couple of weeks ago in New York, the conditions were similar. We had a pretty decent balance. You always want to do both. We might have to do it differently because of the conditions, but you have to wait and see once the game starts to see what you are able to do.”

The Cowboys ran for 107 yards in 25-degree weather against the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium. Then they came home and ran for 144 yards indoors against the Oakland Raiders. It was only the fourth time since Garrett became head coach that the Cowboys had back-to-back 100-yard rushing games.

“Every week, I think we’ve proven that we can run the ball,” right tackle Doug Free said. “Every week it’s going to be a little bit different. We’ve had a lot of success; we’ve just got to keep rolling with it. Scheme changes every week keep it fresh.”

DeMarco Murray ran for a career-high three touchdowns against Oakland on Thanksgiving Day. The Cowboys had not run for three touchdowns in a game for three years, since Thanksgiving Day 2010 against the New Orleans Saints.

Tellingly, the touchdown runs last week were not breakaways — Murray scored from 2, 4 and 7 yards — indicating a consistent faith in the running game in short yardage near the end zone.

“I think any time you can punch it in, running the ball in the end zone, that’s a huge benefit,” offensive coordinator and line coach Bill Callahan said. “And it’s hard. Yards are hard to come by down there. It’s tight quarters, it’s tight coverage. You’re seeing more defenders around the box. They’ve got the end line as another defender. There’s not a lot of room to manipulate lanes and open up holes, so those holes close quickly.